Hedgewood: Seattle

In belonging to a landscape, one feels a rightness, at-homeness, a knitting of self and the world.
— Scott Russell Sanders

One enters Hedgewood by going beyond the lavender hedge, through the iron gate, along the herbal remedy garden, and then, situated between forested woods and native hedgerows, you are there. 

Hedgewood is the personal home of Mary and her family.  However, it is also a gathering place for the greater community-winged and walking creatures alike!  A Certified Wildlife Habitat, Hedgewood offers a sustainable garden and yardscape that helps wildlife thrive. With a variety of places to gather and connect, Hedgewood is a favored place to sit, relax, and enjoy the natural world amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

Hedgewood abuts Cheasty Greenspace, 43 acres of urban forested parkland. Welcoming access to the woods and 10 acres of walking trails is but a minute away.

Creation Sessions at Hedgewood

Develop your sacred, wild side that connects your homeplace to spiritual peace and well-being!  Intimate one on one and small group Creation Sessions are available upon request for facilitated: 

  • Individualized nature connection
  • Guided spiritual practices and nature-based prayers
  • Nature walks
  • Ecotherapeutic activities situated in urban Seattle

Mary personalizes the process depending on an individual or group's needs and desires.

If your life is feeling stuck and ordinary, or you are need of a significant shift in perception, Mary will guide you through numinous experiences within the local, natural world that create mystical connections between the seen and unseen world resulting in profound shifts in health and wholeness. As an eco-theologian, naturalist, place-maker, and pilgrimage-taker, Mary's depth of experience and wisdom from the Celtic spiritual tradition will come alongside your own to reveal the mystery and meant-for-ness that the natural world holds.  

*Note that Creation Sessions are therapeutic in nature and do not take the place of clinical psychotherapy or medical treatment.


  • $100/hr Individuals M-W
  • $150/hr Small Groups (six maximum) M-W, Sat

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