Rewilding Wheel Subscription

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Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.35.13.png

Rewilding Wheel Subscription

10.00 every month
  • Monthly 60-minute online sessions led by Mary DeJong

  • Monthly emails with additional resources and materials 

  • Ongoing membership in a social platform for community connections, conversations, and formation

  • Requires additional purchase of Rewilding Workbook


Ongoing monthly 60 minute lectures/conversations 1x/month through a Zoom-like platform. Subscribers are sent a monthly email containing the date/time/call-in number for the Wild Soul Gathering. 

Gatherings will include:

  • Nature-based prayers & rituals; 

  • Expert teaching on a particular seasonal/elemental/psycho-spiritual aspect of the -Rewilding Wheel (3 monthly gatherings per Rewilding Wheel quadrant); 

  • Insight into Mary’s own Rewilding Wheel practice

  • Community connections

  • Deep conversation/questions/sharing of your own personal practices and wild explorations. 

  • Monthly email with additional resources and materials (relevant readings, quotes, poetry, articles, and imagery to inspire your practice of intentional sacred attunement to the more-than-human world. 

  • Membership in a social platform for community connections, conversations, and formation. It is helpful to have an eco-system approach to this work. While we all live within our own niches, having a place where we meet within our shared interconnectedness is key to the inspiration and regeneratively of this ensouled work.