Rewilding Retreat Survey

Thank you so much for participating in the January 6, 2018 Rewilding Retreat at The Whidbey Institute’s StoryHouse!

Following is a survey that will help inform and improve future programming.  Please fill out this short questionnaire.

1) How would you rate the comfortability of StoryHouse for this gathering?
2) How accessible was the retreat?
3) Did the outhouse devalue your experience?
5) How would you rate the catered food/meal?
6) Would you pay more to be served by The Whidbey Institute’s chef in the dining hall?
7) Was there enough food provided?
9) Was the rhythm of the day meaningful and sensical?
10) Did you learn about Rewilding practices that you can incorporate into your own spiritual practice?
11) Did you appreciate the practices we did as a group?
12) Did you appreciate the solo time?
13) How valuable was the Rewilding Retreat Workbook?
14) How would you rate the overall value of the Rewilding Retreat?