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Camp Souldust

  • Camp Souldust Longbranch, WA United States (map)

I have been invited to participate in Camp Souldust as a sacred guide, a facilitator of connection with the Sacred Wild through morning hikes and sessions that will engage the Celtic myth of the Selkie as an inroad into recovering lost aspects of our wild selves.

From Camp Souldust’s website:

Coming to Camp is more than just packing a sleeping bag and a flashlight– it’s an opportunity to cozy up to soulful practices that have always piqued your curiosity. It’s an invitation to new community who can’t wait to meet you. It’s the space you need to breathe when the daily needs of others feels overwhelming.

It’s a light to shine on all the best parts of yourself that time has swept into the corners. It’s a light that shines on everyone— we’re all about inclusivity. People of all ages, genders, races, religions, and backgrounds are welcome at Camp Souldust.

Souldust believes that everyone and everything carries a touch of the sacred, and that our souls are fundamentally wired for deep connection with the extraordinary world that surrounds us. At Camp, there are workshops and experiences to help you connect to your inner mystic and change maker, ranging from woo-lite to woo-tastic, low-key to intensely transformative.