Rewild your sense of wonder and rediscover how nature provides sacred guidance through life's circular and seasonal journey. Rewildling retreats & pilgrimages are a response to the longing to deeply connect with the sacred, surrounding and within the wild world.

Weaving words that reconnect and deepen one to nature, Mary writes from within the wisdom of creation spirituality and the peregrination tradition, both which invite ways of being that bring humanity into a deep sense of belonging to the world and one another. 

All of us need guidance at some point in the Journey. Waymarkers comes alongside individuals and groups who long to experience personal transformation through soulful travel, and those who desire to participate in the cultivation of the culture of a place.  

Mary DeJong is the next Wendell Berry; however instead of writing from a farm, her voice is rooted in an urban forest.
— Dwight Friesen, The Parish Collective