The Practice & Poetry of Listening in Place: 
A Workshop with David Whyte and Mary DeJong

When we have learned to listen to the land, we become its voice.
— Mary DeJong

Date & Time

March 3, 2018
2:00 pm–4:00 pm


General Public: $150
Student/Alumni: $100


The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
2501 Elliott Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States


Elliot Huemann
(206) 876-6153

Speaking Engagements

Mary speaks at the Justice Speaks Conference about her story of placemaking and how the land is related to justice.

Thank you for your interest in working with Mary DeJong!  A naturalist with a Masters in Theology & Culture from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and a specialization in Thomas Berry's Universe Story from Yale University, Mary is a confident and competent speaker around topics of sacramental nature, spiritual ecology, Celtic spirituality, environmental justice, ecofeminism and her personal work of forest and community restoration as a practice of profound place-making. Her passionate voice and advocacy for the land couples with ecotheological perspectives and place-making theory and invites the listener into inner-soul landscapes as well as the wild beyond.  

People need guides as they wind their way through the wilderness; Mary is very much a wise and sacred guide, bringing people through their own inner and outer landscapes to remember and develop a wild connection to the source of life. She addresses our cultural nature deficit disorder and offers presentations and practices that deepen a participative, relational connection with nature. Listener's come away with new perspectives and deeper understanding of our meant-for relationship with the natural world, and how a development of this interrelationship is critical for how we live, work, and recreate in our particular places. Ecumenical and inclusive, Mary graciously challenges a change-first within ourselves, and then within the communities around us. She leads people back to a sense of grounded belonging to this Earth, and asks what one has to offer to the places and communities in which one lives. 

Mary DeJong speaks at conferences, corporate and non-profit events, retreats providing presentations, reflections, and small group talks. She is available to share with faith communities as well.

Mary DeJong talks about her work of reclaiming land as a volunteer forest steward in Cheasty Greenspace, in Seattle's densist and most diverse neighborhood.  

Mary DeJong, who received her MA in Theology and Culture, speaks of her own journey through dark woods and gaining wisdom through trials and trails that wound. She encourages her classmates to remember their journeys and their scars.

Mary DeJong's Integrative Project Presentation:: A Trinitarian Imago Dei: How Reimagining Genesis Informs an Integral and Functional Creation Theology


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