Waymarkers Iona Pilgrimage Survey

Thank you so much for participating in the Waymarkers Iona Pilgrimage 2019!

Following is a survey that will help inform and improve future Waymarkers Iona Pilgrimage's.  Please fill out this short questionnaire.

Thank you! 

How meaningful was the Iona Hostel accommodation for this pilgrimage? *
Did you appreciate the dorm bunk bed setting? *
Were the bathroom facilities suitable? *
Did you like being on the more remote north end of Iona?
Was the requisite walking to/from the hostel a meaningful value? *
Did you feel you could balance your desire for retreat and self-care within the hostel experience? *
Would you pay more for this pilgrimage experience in another facility on the island (hotel or private home?) *
Did you enjoy the meal plan? *
Was eating vegetarian for the week appreciated? *
Were you provided enough food for each meal? *
Did you find the hostel kitchen well appointed and stocked with necessary cooking items? *
Did you enjoy the night set aside to eat dinner out following the Day of Silence? *
Would you have preferred a different restaurant for our night of celebration? *
Did you find the rhythm and schedule of each day meaningful and representative of marketed offerings?
Did you learn new concepts and ideas in the morning circle time? *
Were you provided with helpful materials that offered guidance and new ways of understand pilgrimage and the Sacred? *
Was the evening council circle a meaningful experience for you? *
Did you like the Byre for our private sessions and circle times? *
Was having the Abbey service times an optional part of the programming important to you? *
How valuable were the daily yoga offerings? *
Did you participate in the daily yoga offerings? *
Was the yoga offering a critical element in your decision to register for the Iona Pilgrimage? *
Would you pay more for the pilgrimage to ensure that the yoga component continued to be apart of it? *
Did you enjoy the excursions and sessions that were arranged? *
Please rate the Abbey Tour *
Please rate the Iona Island Pilgrimage *
Please rate the lecture with geologist Fiona Menzies, Ph.D *
Please rate the woodland restoration/rewilding talk and woodland walking tour with John MacLean and Mark. *
Please rate the Staffa Island excursion. *
Please rate the Day of Silence.
Did you receive helpful communications related to the concepts of pilgrimage and how to best prepare for this one in advance? *
Did you feel supported with your questions and concerns throughout your personal preparation? *
Did you feel adequately informed on how to make the journey to/from Iona? *
Did you experience the pilgrimage guide (Mary) to be accessible for questions and concerns on the island? *
Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. It will greatly help in informing the planning for upcoming pilgrimages to Iona.