Turn on Love

"We touch this strength--our power, who we are in the world--when we are most fully in touch with one another and with the world."  -Carter Heyward
Valentine's Hearts
Valentine's Hearts

On this Valentine's Day, I would like to imagine that our "power" is truly our ability to LOVE. And the ability to access this incredible strength occurs when we are engaging others and the world within which we live.  We engage, we experience, we come to KNOW and out of this comes understanding, respect and love.

Who do you love?  Who lives within the soft places of your heart?  Today, as you exchange tokens of affections with close family and friends, ponder how the lines of love can be extended to include more.  We are apart of a great community of things that need us to know of them, need us to love them, need us speak on behalf of them.  When we are fully engaged with the host of living creatures with whom we live, we turn on our power.

We turn on our love.