Creation Sessions

In belonging to a landscape, one feels a rightness, at-homeness, a knitting of self and the world.
— Scott Russell Sanders

Creation Session Individual

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Creation Session Group

Develop your sacred, wild side that reconnects you to the wholeness of creation, to spiritual peace, and well-being! Set some time apart to intentionally engage with the natural world as a holy cathedral or sacred site. This mini-retreat time will astound you with its power and potency to refresh, reconnect, and re-member yourself to creation! Intimate one on one and small group Creation Sessions are available upon request for facilitated: 

  • Individualized nature connection inspired by the tradition of Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese healing way of understanding the medicine of simply being in the forest.

  • Guided spiritual practices and nature-based prayers

  • Nature walks that include native plant identification and plant-relationship development

  • Sacred space to learn the sacred text of the natural world

  • Ecotherapeutic activities situated in an urban forest in SE Seattle

If your life is feeling stuck and ordinary, or you are need of a significant shift in perception, Mary will guide you through numinous experiences within the local, natural world that create mystical connections between the seen and unseen world resulting in profound shifts in health and wholeness. In the context of an urban forest, you will be invited into a deep remembering of your kinship with the whole of creation. Similar to Forest Bathing (from the Japanese “Shinrin-Yoku”), Creation Sessions draw out the sacred inter-communal elements of our role within our ecosystems, developing an attunement to our sense of belonging to and with the natural world, subsequently strengthening the bonds needed for ecological awareness and activism! This embodied and sensory experience will provide you with prayers and practices that you can take home with you to continue a consistent practice with engaging the sacred and wild world!

 As an eco-theologian, naturalist, place-maker, and pilgrimage-taker, Mary's depth of experience and wisdom from the Celtic spiritual tradition will come alongside your own to reveal the mystery and meant-for-ness that the natural world holds.  Mary personalizes the process depending on an individual or group's needs and desires.

*Note that Creation Sessions are therapeutic in nature and do not take the place of clinical psychotherapy or medical treatment.


  • $100 Individuals M-W, 60-90 minute session

  • $150 Small Groups (six maximum) M-W, Sat, 60-90 minute session

Working with Mary on my creation session was a joy. Walking through the woods with sacred intention while Mary said blessing and prayers with me and for me was a truly special experience. I see myself as deeply connected to nature and the earth; I respect it and am astonished and amazed by it everyday. Yet, Mary helped me see that I am also connected and interwoven to it; the earth needs me as much I need the the earth. What a blessing, thank you!
— J.H.