Genesis Reimagined: A Cosmological Epic of Grace

"All the animals and creatures of this earth are our former brothers and sisters but because we believe that we have “dominion” over them, we have become cruel little emperors." -John O’Donohue

Genesis Reimagined is a priceless resource for communities of the Western Judaeo Christian faith who are ready to expand the wisdom of their tradition to include the story of our Universe, and retain a sacred story that recasts humanity within the ecosystem of creation, setting the stage for humanity to be the blessing that they are intended to be.

Genesis Reimagined is based on four years of research, reading, and writing related to Thomas Berry's radical work and his ideas that urge humanity to transition towards the Great Work-the work that leads humanity from being a disrupting presence on the earth to a benign one.  Leading philosophers, scientists, and spiritual visionaries-including Matthew Fox, Brian Thomas Swimme, Sallie McFague, and Leonardo Boff-come alongside the transformative influence of Thomas Berry on Mary DeJong's theological hermeneutic and spiritual practice.   

Here the wisdom and beauty of the Genesis creation story are reimagined by bringing in concepts and features of sacred evolutionary cosmology that affirm humanity’s co-creative communion with all of creation.  Through this practice of reimagination, DeJong sets out to remember who we are meant to be as a member within the imago Dei, and that a new story could be told to children to equip and empower them to live in ways that are on behalf of the Other and the future of our home, Planet Earth. 

 This resource, both in PDF and slide show format, enhances church and small group gatherings exploring themes of creation care, creation cosmologies, sacred ecology, and sacred evolutionary cosmology.