Code Injection to Remove Text from Banners

At this time it's not possible using our built-in tools to remove the banner text on individual pages, but I did find a Squarespace Answers post that gives a code-based solution. Here's that post:
You'll add that coding into the Page Settings > Advanced > Header Code Injection panel for each desired page. You can access your page's Settings by hovering your cursor over the page title, then clicking the Settings (gear) icon next to the title to open a page's Settings.
As a note, here in Squarespace Customer Care we're unable to assist with writing or troubleshooting any type of coding language or 3rd party code-based solution. You can learn more about using code in your site here:

Remove Banner from Individual Product Pages

Removing Banner from Individual Pages

  1. <style>
  2. #banner-area-wrapper {display: none}
  3. </style>
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